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MG2MIX, committed actor

28 November 2018

MG2MIX sponsored « Climbing like Ibrahim » project which is an iniatied project by French Rotaractiens and its goal is to communicate on « End Polio Now » program.

This program aims to eradicate polio, a viral disease which particularly affects kids under 5 years and which still persists in 3 countries (Afghanistan, Pakistan, Nigeria). The only way to counter polio is to vaccinate kids from an early age because once this disease is triggered, there is unfortunately no treatment to fight it.

Our french Rotaractiens spill the message of the program worldwide through different sporting challenges.

With their MG2MIX polos our 3 french Rotaractiens set themselves as last challenge the Salkantay Trek in Peru.

Here we go for 5 days and 4 nights of trek with an average of 7 hours of walk per day and 1000 meters of elevation (positive or negative)

Congratulations to them ! You too, support the program « End Polio Now » 🙂