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New SPACE – Dust stop

7 September 2021
New concept to reduce product dusting

MG2MIX has always manufactured premixes, minerals  with the objective of keeping the quality of the product intact. For this reason, the factory is committed to not using any liquid product (oil) in order to keep all the nutritional and vitamin values.

Since then, MG2MIX has been working with the support of TECALIMAN and a group of students from the Sorbonne University in order to test and find an oil-free concept to reduce dust emissions when using premixes, minerals and vitamins.

This concept allows incorporation at different rates in the formulas in order to control the emission of dust with more or less density.

MG2MIX is now able to work on your products, allowing feed manufacturers to have this option on premixes, offering a comfort of use for plant operators. The mineral products also allow a better comfort for the breeders approaching the advantages of the use of the small pellet, offering less loss of the product but also allowing to keep a fineness of the material to ensure a homogeneity in the ration and a good assimilation of the products.

A comparison video on dust emission from different forms of minerals will be available at SPACE.

This concept allows a better preservation of vitamins due to the zero humidity in the mixture. It is available as an option for all species, on all premixes and WEMIN minerals.