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New SPACE – Egg size

7 September 2021
A lever to optimize the zootechnical performance of layers

The optimization of egg size from the beginning of laying is an important issue for the technical and economic success of a batch of laying hens.

The Poultry team of MG2MIX offers to accompany you in order to increase the egg weight from the first weeks of laying. To meet this objective, MG2MIX has developed a nutritional and technical pathway based on 4 strategic steps:

1)Securing the growth profile of young pullets

The objective is to maximize the weight of your animals at 4-5 weeks to ensure optimal body development of future layers. For this, a precise study of the nutritional contributions must be carried out on the first feeds of the range and be supplemented by an assessment of the rearing practices during the start-up phase (management of the environment, light programs, access to the feed, etc.);

2)Management of animals at the end of the rearing period

Controlling growth before transfer”: this step is essential and consists in adapting the nutritional levels during this transition period as well as working on the mode and duration of use of the pre-laying formula. This formula is most often included in the pre-transfer feeding program, but its use often needs to be adjusted to optimize the conditions of entry into egg laying.

3)Accompany the weight gain of hens after transfer

The objective is to allow the animals to reach as quickly as possible an average weight compatible with the start of a laying which will present a good persistence. For this, it is necessary to adapt the quantities of feed distributed and to adjust the nutritional levels during the period just after the transfer to optimize the weight gain of the future layers before the start of laying;

4)Management of the evolution of the size

The control of the progressive increase of the size is important to limit the risk of shell fragility problems. Adjustments of amino acid and fat levels can then be proposed while integrating the management of the digestive health of the layers, in particular to ensure a good assimilation of the mineral contributions by the animals.

These four steps are the nutritional pillars on which MG2MIX offers you support in designing dietary programs adapted to size management from the very first eggs!

We are waiting for you on our stand to exchange with you on this topic and also to present you our last test results concerning our nutritional solutions OPTICOQUE (shell quality) and HEPADOL (hepatic metabolism) to be incorporated in the feed for laying hens,