Business accelerator

MG2MIX added value

Products quality and reliability

MG2MIX, the guarantee of qualitative delivered products:

  • 100% of European Union suppliers
  • Stability tests (ensured storage time)
  • High time stability of vitamins and resistance to the pelleting process
  • Quarantine and analysis before use of all our risky raw materials
  • Manufacture only when order: fresh products


Booster of business volume

MG2MIX, a business accelerator for your activity:

  • Partners have become n°1 in their country in 10 years (30% of market share)
  • Implementation of sale assistance tools, such as the farm performances monitoring software I-Farm
  • In-farm support
  • Appropriate and complete services to optimize production costs


Innovative products

MG2MIX, the guarantee of innovative nutritional solutions thanks to a competitive R&D:

  • Our own and independant experimental stations (swine, poultry and ruminant)
  • A 100% scientist technical team
  • More than 20 new products launched on the market every year

MG2MIX difference


90 % of unique recipes, freedom in the choice of our additives, no political constraint


Link between R&D, formulation and in-field support, 50 % of the engineers time spent in the farms

Listening / Answering

Delivery possible in 2 days in case of emergency or 7 days (normal case), only 1 contact person between the customer and the factory