An applicated and reactive R&I:

MG2MIX is making a point of answering the problems encountered in farms by their clients

  • Our objectives: to evaluate the needs of animals, to answer the problematics of the sector, to test the products quality and to continuously develop our knowledge on raw materials and additives used in feed nutrition
  • Our strength: nutritionist engineers are directly in relation with our innovation tools, the feed formulation, and the issues met in farms, to keep a high reactivity and to ensure the practical use of our creative solutions

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8 zootechnical research farms

Poultry zootechnical research farm

Duck zootechnical research farm

Laying hen zootechnical research farm

Cattle zootechnical research farm

Swine zootechnical research farm

Research: the resources

Partners network: universities, engineer schools, veterinarians...
Scientific watch: universities, veterinarians, technical institutes...
Zootechnical research farm: swine, poultry, dairy cows
Farm network: other species, products validation, production farms, in France and abroad
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Poultry zootechnical research farm

nutristar ccpa nutreco

Poultry zootechnical research farm

  • Flexible pens
    – 48 flexible pens of 3 m² (64 chickens): 6 diets tested per batch
    – 40 pens of 6 m² (25 turkeys) : 4 or 5 diets tested per batch
  • A free zone similar to conventional farm (2500 chickens, 120m²)


Duck zootcehnical research farm

  • Dynamic building on grating
  • 40 pens of 4,2 m²
  • 40 ducks per pens
  • 8 replications per diet
  • 5 diets tested per batch


Laying hens zootcehnical research farm

  • Static building
  • 36 box of 7 laying hens
  • 5 diets tested with 7 replications or 4 diets tested with 8 replications

Dairy cow zootechnical research farm

ruminants vaches

Cattle farm network

  • Trials on all ruminants species
  • Trials performed in real farm conditions
  • 17 pilot farms
  • Trials and investigations on field
  • 142 trials since 2002


Dairy cow zootechnical research farm

  • Farm of 100 dairy cows
  • 2 robots LELY T4C
  • 3 feed silos connected to the DAC robots
  • Trials comparing two feeds at the same time


Swine zootechnical research farm

provimi inzo invivo

Swine zootechnical research farm

  • 170 pigs / trial
  • 3 diets tested at the same time
  • 10 DAC
  • 17 pig / pen
  • Individual data per pig: weight, daily feed intake, ADG, FCR, carcass quality
  • Statistical power


  • 600 sows
  • 10 groups


  • 350 every 4 weeks weaned at 21 days

Farm network: 

  • Commercial farms network in collaboration with feed manufacturers

Swine zootechnical research farm in video: