1. Our job

Premix and performances

Premix with services to ensure the performance in farm

Personalized premix adapted to your market and your products

Complete premix
Phosphate, salt, calcium, amino acids

Functional premix
Selection of additives to solve problems

Nutritional premix
Vitamins and trace-elements

We take your needs and expectations into account, which ensures unique recipes of premixes, especially developed to solve your field problems.

Our premixes are developed from specific ingredients selected very carefully and tested in our experimental facilities in order to validate their zootechnical interest. Control and analysis plans are regularly implemented to verify the nutritional quality of our premix.

MG2MIX difference

Totally free

Total independence
No political constraint and free choice of the additives
Several sources available for each additive

Passionate, curious and creative

Rapid and appropriate developments
Close and direct link between R&D, feed formulation and farm advices

Listening, simple and reactive

Response time recognised as the fastest on the market
Delivery 7 days after order
Only one contact person between customers and our factory

Discover NatuVia, our naturally efficient concept

NatuVia is a global approach for the reduction of medical substances usage in farm. It includes premix and feed formulation adaptations and a specific range of nutritional solutions to solve farm problems.

See all Natuvia products

Nutritional specialities

For all species

Many available dilutions

Developed according to your field problems

Tested in our experimental facilities

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Our products


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