Our Natuvia concept

In 2050, antibioresistance will be one principal reason of humans death.

Our Natuvia concept aims to reduce the resistance of pathogens to antibiotics. With measures in farm and a range of natural additives it allows a reduction in antibiotic use in a global farm approach.



  • In-farm biosecurity

To limit the risks due to introduction of humans or animals, due to neighborhood, due to environment

  • Feed formulation

Ideal protein concept, preservation of the immune system of the animal and its digestive tract

  • Premix formulation

Optimal levels of vitamins and trace-elements, protected forms

  • Natuvia natural additives
  • DEFITOX, mycotoxins binder
  • MGCARB, thermo-structured charcoal
  • ASSYMIL, intestinal health
  • SAINFOIN, legume rich in condensed tannins
  • Veterinarian

Diagnosis and veterinarian support before the provision of antibiotics, control of the water quality


Natuvia : a global concept

In-farm biosecurity

Feed formulation

Natural Natuvia additives and premix

Veterinarian support

All our solutions are infinitely customizable according to your needs. We adapt the doses and recipes to propose tailor made products for your market. To make us your request or to have more information on our existing solutions contact us!