Premix with services to ensure performances in breeding

For feed manufacturers

  • Premix: inclusion rate from 0.05 to 2.5% in complete feed according to the composition
  • Specifics raw materials: MG2MIX is the exclusive partner of the Multifolia Sainfoin branch since its creation
  •  Additives: prebiotics, probiotics, enzyms, plant extracts
  • Additives’ dilution: the additives can be diluted to help their use in factory

For distributors, production organizations, veterinaries

  • Personalized nutritional specialities: mix of additives which can be incorporated in the feed or distributed directly in farm, for continuous use in the diet or cures
  • Formulation
  • Proposed with services: analysis, global technical support, marketing support

For mash manufacturers

  • Minerals and vitamins complements: inclusion from 2 to 4 % in the finished feed, including synthetic amino acids and mineral sources

Customized premix and specialities

Solutions validated on trial houses

A team of nutritionnists

I-Farm: a web tool to analyse performances

Dietary strategies

Our premix meet the various specifications (Conventional, AOC/AOP, Organic Farming) for all species and productions: dairy and suckler cows, dry cows, farming calves, veal calves, fattening cattle, dairy goats, dairy and suckler ewes, lambs, buffalo, dairy camels, racing camels, …
Our motto: to propose high-quality premix by continously working on the bio-availability of each component (solubility analysis, rumen-protected vitamins, chelated trace-elements and hydroxychlorides, …)
nutrition mineraux conseil

To secure the digestive health:

  • We prevent the mycotoxin risk in the diets by forage and complete diet analyzes and our DEFITOX concept: a toxin binder that performs on a very broad spectrum (mycotoxins, enterotoxins)
  • We prevent digestive disorders and keep the level of growing performance with complexes of natural solutions:
    • ASSYMIL : plant extracts complex for the protection of the digestive tract against the inflammatory phenomena
    • MILK PACK : prevention of the ruminal acidosis and improvement of the feeding efficiency
    • PARAVER : innovative complex and 100% natural with anthelmintic effect, for an effective prevention of gastro-intestinal parasites

To support high-risk periods:

  • Nutritional strategy to ensure a good start in lactation, to prevent metabolic disorders (hypocalcemia, acetonemia, acidosis), to guarantee reproductive performances
  • Premix developments and specific solutions adapted to different physiological stages of animals:
    • CLOSE UP FORTE: nutritional speciality allowing the metabolic acidosis of animals preparing the parturition; it also supports the colostrum immunity and quality
    • PREPA K-VIT: composed of glucose precursors  and hepato-protective molecules to support animals under energy deficit
  • HEAT PACK: our nutritional answer to the thermal stress problem
  • TRANSCOOL: to support animals during transport and grouping periods

To guarantee the performances:

MG2MIX team brings you its expertise in animal nutrition, effective tools for auditing and analysis of breeding performance, and custom-made nutritional solutions, for example:

  • MIXTANE: natural tanning of the dietary protein
  • CATTLEZYM: enhances the diet digestibility to improve growth performances and feed conversion ratio (fattening cattle, lambs, …) and feeding efficiency of dairy cows
  • TORO BOOST : our feeding program for reproducers allows us to achieve superior semen qualities (volume, sperm mobility and resistance to thawing)

From the trough to the plate:

MG2MIX works closely with dairies, slaughterhouses and stringers on the products quality (milk, meat). The main themes are:

  • The health quality of the milk: somatic cells, nutritional solutions to control the milk contaminations by pathogens (salmonella, E.coli,…)
  • The meat quality : fat quality, carcass coloration, taste (scatols reduction in lamb meat)
All our solutions are infinitely customizable according to your needs. We adapt the doses and recipes to propose tailor mades products for your market. To make us your request or to have more information on our existing solutions contact us!