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Minimize the effect of heat stress on milk production of cows.

30 May 2022

Heat stress is a problem that affects many countries in the world, when the temperature and humidity are high.

The cow is comfortable when temperatures are between 5 and 15°C. Under these conditions a cow can produce, on average, 35 to 40 liters of milk per day. In periods of heat stress, this production can drop by up to 7 liters in the most extreme cases, affecting the health and reproduction of dairy cows. The economic return of the farmers is strongly affected.

Different solutions adapted to thermal stress

Faced with this problem, MG2MIX has developed solutions to minimize the effects of thermal stress, to be used at different concentrations.

These solutions are composed of a mixture of plant extracts and minerals selected for their effects against heat stress. Combined with the expertise of MG2MIX nutritionists, the cows get back in better shape, their milk production is improved as well as their reproduction.


Test results

Body temperature

-0.4 to -0.5°C for supplemented cows


-16% respiration rate for supplemented cows

Vitamin E

Vitamin E level maintained for supplemented cows versus -0.5 point for others


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