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30 May 2022

Minimize the effect of heat stress on milk production of cows.

Heat stress is a problem that affects many countries in the world, when the temperature and humidity are high. The cow is comfortable when temperatures are between 5 and 15°C. Under these conditions a cow can produce, on average, 35 to 40 liters of milk per day. In periods of heat stress, this production can […]


11 April 2022

Palatability test for dogs from MG2MIX

MG2MIX develops and validates its Petfood solutions with its internal panel of employee-owned dogs ? A palatability test was conducted with the dogs on Friday April 8th, 2022!  


22 February 2022

Quick and easy analysis on all feeds – Innovation customer service

??????????? ?????? ?????????? ?? ?ℎ?????? ??????????   MG2MIX offers since 2014 to its customers the service of rapid analysis by infrared – Near Infrared Spectroscopy Technology (NIR). For the main cereals, flours and feeds covering more than 95% of the volumes. Fast, cheap, accurate: a useful nutritional support tool!     ??? -??????? ?????? ????? […]


4 February 2022

SHELLGUARD, the Ally of Layers.

OPTICOQUE is a mix of additives to improve calcium assimilation and to ensure:   –         Shell solidity : It improves shell strength by 10 points in the fracture strength test (N) at 70 weeks while reducing the number of downgraded eggs. –         Prolongation of egg-laying persistence: The hens lay 3 weeks more than the control […]


3 January 2022

How does SOWELL contributes to maximize milk production ?

Why maximize sow’s milk production ? How to maximize mil production ? To answer this question, MGMIX performed studies on different nutritionnal levers : Focus on trial results with two different lactation feed : Conclusion Improving amino acids balance (diet 2) allowed to maximize milk production of the sows. Adapting to the sow’s potential is […]

Meet us

21 December 2021

VIV ASIA – from 8 to 10 March 2023 – Bangkok – THAILAND

Come and meet MG2MIX at VIV ASIA


9 September 2021

MG2MIX invests in sheep

MG2MIX invests in sheep by signing a partnership with “CFPPA les Vaseix Bellac”, at TECH OVIN exhibition, to organize sheep trials in their research farm.


7 September 2021

New SPACE – Dust stop

Meet us Hall 9 Stand A20 to discuss the new concept to reduce product dusting


7 September 2021


Meet us Hall 9 Stand A20 to discuss ZENITUD product


7 September 2021

New SPACE – Egg size

Meet us Hall 9 Stand A20 to discuss Egg size

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