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Discover our new products at SPACE 2023

7 September 2023



This is a subject that MG2MIX is tackling head-on, with the recruitment of a 100% dedicated person and massive investment in research stations.

To decarbonise, we need to move towards intensification. A cow producing 12,000 litres will pollute less than 2 cows producing 6,000 litres of carbon equivalent. Intensification means reducing the number of animals on farms, by limiting the age at calving and the number of unproductive days.

Another solution proposed is via the ration, a ration richer in starch releases less methane than rations rich in cellulose. The SUPERPROLAIT program can be used to increase starch levels while controlling the risk of acid formation, or to provide an alternative using plants with metabolites that act on methanogenic flora, such as PERLY sainfoin.

Other additives are currently being tested to reduce methane emissions, but our aim is above all, to ensure that farmers’ performance and profitability are not adversely affected.

Our team of experts is available to provide tailor-made recommendations, taking into account your constraints and objectives.

Meet us at SPACE 2023, Hall 9, Stand A21.
Mickaël ROUTIER, Charles TEINTURIER, Andréa LE CRUBIERE, Méghann ROBUCHON, Abigaëlle MAUGER, Paul LEROUX, Amélie BOUTES, Coralie MASCLET