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7 September 2023

SWINE – Reduce stillbirths


At a time when the high rate of maternity losses in hyperprolific sows is at the heart of social debate, not to mention its economic impact, an effective solution is required.

67% of live birth losses occur within the 3 days after the farrowing.

The way the parturition is carried out has a major influence on improving the survival rate in the first 48 hours after birth, and helps to reduce the number of stillborn piglets.

Tonipart, developed by MG2MIX, combines highly assimilable forms of calcium, plant extracts and minerals to help regulating blood calcium levels. Calcium-dependent muscle contraction is optimised for better tone during parturition. The reduction in farrowing time leads to a reduction in stillbirths and supports the sow in this effort. This support results in an increase in the sow’s feed intake from the day after farrowing, maximising colostrum production. The result is a reduction in the rate of live birth losses.

Tonipart is distributed to the animals during the farrowing phase, over a period of 10 days via the feed or top feeding.

Our team of experts is available to provide tailor-made recommendations, taking into account your constraints and objectives.

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Nicolas COTTAIS, Julien TISSIER, Paul BARNERON, Christophe LE VERGE, Romane RABASTE