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7 September 2023

RUMINANTS – Sainfoin


Sainfoin of the PERLY variety, managed by Multifolia and Pascale Gombault, contains numerous metabolites that affect protein tanning and parasite pressure, and continues to win over both to manufacturers and breeders.

Not all sainfoin varieties have the same profile, particularly in terms of their content of metabolites of interest. All our scientific results since 2011 have been based on PERLY, which has the most balanced biomass productivity and metabolite of interest profile.

Work is underway with INRAE and researcher Vincent Niderkorn on methane reduction using this plant. Its wealth of metabolites, which have the property of forming complexes with proteins, can also reduce the activity of methane-producing bacteria in the rumen, and this is what we are trying to measure.

Our team of experts is available to provide tailor-made recommendations, taking into account your constraints and objectives.

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Mickaël ROUTIER, Charles TEINTURIER, Andréa LE CRUBIERE, Méghann ROBUCHON, Abigaëlle MAUGER, Paul LEROUX, Amélie BOUTES, Coralie MASCLET