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7 September 2021
Calmness for performance

Cannibalism, ear necrosis, decreased performance due to heat stress … MG2MIX innovates with its product “ZENITUD”!

By combining vitamins, plant extracts and minerals, the fight against these recurring problems becomes easier. It has now been demonstrated that they are multifactorial in origin. Genetic selection contributes to this by increasing the sensitivity of the animals, reinforcing even more the interest of this association.

  • Zenitud buffers the increase of Reactive Oxygen Derivative production through the vitamins it contains. This intake reduces the occurrence of cannibalism and/or ear necrosis.
  • Zenitud also promotes the production of serotonin, more commonly known as the happiness hormone.
  • Zenitud acts directly on the central nervous system by reducing the hyperactivity of the synapses, reducing behavioral disorders.
  • Zenitud can be used at all physiological stages to calm the animals.

It can be used in conventional and organic farming!